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29 June 2012 y.

Han Jie: “My dream to be in Krasnoyarsk has come true.”

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On June, 29 at 20.00 in the Krasnoyarsk House of Cinema was shown the film by young Chinese director Han Jie, "Mr. Wood." In 2011 the film was highly rated by the Jury of the International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" and won the award for Best Direction. The picture has been included into the list of the top 25 best Art House movies of the portal KINOTE.
The director personally presented the film and shared his impressions: "I am very happy that I am in Krasnoyarsk. My dream has come true, and I have seen real Siberia. In my film I wanted to show the absurdity, urbanization, the onset on the village. The film is made from fragments of different worlds and different styles, "- said Han Jie.
Within the demonstration of the film in the House of Cinema there also was a creative meeting with the director. Han Jie gave some advice to beginning filmmakers of Krasnoyarsk and called them “to always listen to themselves, their inner voices, never give up looking for inspiration, and during the shooting to do the best for everyone to feel his necessary."

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