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02 July 2012 y.

Olympiad of Arts united the nations of Asia

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Today, on July, 2 there was held the press conference of the guests of Honour of the III Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific region. The People's Artist of the USSR Vladislav Piavko, the People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Vasiliev and the People's Artist of Russia Svyatoslav Belza took part in it. The guests shared their impressions about the festival and gave an expert opinion.
"The Krasnoyarsk International Festival has become a kind of Olympiad, where all the countries have tried to present the best. It gave a week-opportunity to make a music and dance journey through the regions and countries of Asia. In addition, the festival has come out to the squares of the city, it let greatly extend the number of the audience", - noted a literary critic Svyatoslav Belza, talking to reporters.
The experts have agreed that even sophisticated audience is being amazed by the palette and range of the festival. "There are so many workers of arts, talents, and the beauty per a square meter. It is so uncommonly and a good luck. Krasnoyarsk is very lucky", - said they.
A national ballet legend Vladimir Vasiliev shared with his point of view about cultural immersion in “a Krasnoyarsk sort of way”: "For me this festival has become a special one thanks to its addressing to the multi-faceted culture of Asia. It is important not to lose in the future the high quality and level taken by the festival".
A Soviet and Russian opera singer Vladislav Piavko thanked the organizers of the international event: "Thank the Krasnoyarsk Krai and Krasnoyarsk, which for the time of the festival has become a large-scale platform for communication of people of culture, has united them, and filled with new energy to create".
We’d like to remind, that the I International Music Festival of the Asian-Pacific region was held in Krasnoyarsk in July 1992. The following festival was held in 1995 and was dedicated to the 50th commemoration of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The III festival has been resumed after 17 years.