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02 June 2012 y.

Tao Lin: “Music has united all of us. Musicians will remember this feeling of unity forever”

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On July, 2 and 3 in the Big concert hall of the Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre within the III Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific region there took place a concert of the International Youth Students Orchestra.
32 students of higher music schools from Mongolia, Korea, China and Russia performed in the orchestra conducted by Tao Lin (China). For five days of rehearsals the musicians managed to achieve an amazing coordination of sound.
The performance of Eine kleine Nachtmusik by A. Mozart, full of light and charm of the festive night, opened the first part of the concert. The theme was continued with the work by Chinese composers Beautiful Night by Liu Then Hua and The moon reflected in the pond Ertsyuan by A Pin (arranged for the chamber orchestra by U Tzu Chiang).
In the second part there sounded Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten, written by him at the age of 12. According to critics, it is quite a mature work keeping youthful freshness of thought. The International Youth Students Orchestra also performed Scenic Cantata by D. Shostakovich  The Little Antiformalistic Paradise together with the Choral Ensemble of soloists "Tebe Poem" (artistic director C. Jacobson). This is an expressive testimony of the attitude of the Stalinist era to the workers of arts.
After the concert, Maestro Tao Lin confessed that he has first conducted the Orchestra. He emphasized: "For young musicians this experience is very important. Music has actually united all of us - on the stage and out. I think that the musicians will remember this feeling of unity forever".