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30 June 2012 y.

The film director has presented a new Russian movie at the festival

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On June, 30 within the III Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific region in the House of Cinema the movie by Oleg Flyangolts Indifference, the winner of the festival "Kinotavr" in 2011, was introduced to the public. The director personally presented his film and answered the questions of Krasnoyarsk moviegoers.

The black-and-white comic masterpiece was being created by the director Oleg Flyangolts for about 20 years. "The film was dedicated to my girlfriend, but after breaking off with her, I lost the inspiration and desire to continue working over the film", - said the director. However, he expressed the confidence that the film could not fail and the public would like it.
The interest of Krasnoyarsk citizens to qualitative Russian cinema is growing, and today the number of viewers, coming to the House of Cinema, exceeded organizers' expectations. People of different ages came to see the movie Indifference. It says about the importance and depth of the problems touched by the movie. Nobody was indifferent to Indifference.
After screening of the film Oleg Flyangolts talked to the Krasnoyarsk public and gave his recipe for success:"To achieve the goal we must work, work and work as much as possible!".