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01 July 2012 y.

The Inspector General in a new way

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The South Korean DONG Theater will present at the III Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific Region a modern interpretation of Gogol's The Inspector General.
The Inspector General is an experimental production of the DONG Theater together with the Korean band Bulsaechul. The team presents the experimental version of Gogol’s The Inspector General in the form of a traditional folk performance Nori of Namsadang. The emphasis is made on aesthetic elements of the action, distorting the time and space. The theatre uses different installations and special effects in the performance. The action combines the choreography of the Dong Theatre and the music of the Korean band Bulsaechul.
"Gogol's play The Inspector General is still very relevant in our country. In Korea there are quite a lot of these officials, about whom the Russian classic wrote,"- the theater director Young Won Kang said. The play The Inspector General was named the best play of 2010 and 2011by the Korean Society of Theatre Critics.
The performances will be held on 1 and 2 July 2012 in the Krasnoyarsk Theatre for Young Audiences (25 Vavilova St.) at 19.00. 

For information

Conceptual DONG Theater Company was founded in 1999. In 2007, the artists created a special art laboratory, where a unique artistic technique "a movement in which the drama is expressed through the idea of ​​plastic art" was born.  Almost all of the theater troupe "DONG" headed by director Young Won Kang are graduates of the Shchukin Moscow Theater College. In their repertoire is more than 10 performances. Basically, it works by contemporary Korean authors, as well as world and national classics.