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28 June 2012 y.

The opening of the festival cinema programs took place in the House of Cinema

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On June, 28 at 19 p.m. in the House of the Cinema there took place the opening ceremony of the film programme within the III Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific Region.
The guests of honor of the opening of the program were the programme manager of the International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" Yuri Goncharov (Vladivostok, Russia) and the young film director Jie Han (China).
The Deputy Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Olga Vasilyeva and the Head of the Culture Department of the City of Krasnoyarsk Natalia Malashchuk greeted spectators and visitors and congratulated them on the opening of the programme.
The film program was continued by the film "Toomelah" directed by Ivan Sen, the winner of the International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" in 2011. The film has not presented to the Russian public yet, and Krasnoyarsk viewers have become the first to appreciate this work of art. According to Yuri Goncharov, "Toomelah" is a very human film.
"There is no clear frame which our team selected films, the choice came intuitively. The pictures that viewers can see in the House of Cinema surprise and amaze with their uniqueness, the author's conceptions of the interpretation of a person and his destiny. This are very humane pictures ... "- said Goncharov.
The next film shown within the program will be the film by the young Chinese director Han Jie, "Mr. Tree", which will be demonstrated on June, 29 at 20.00. "I have always wanted to visit Siberia, and for me it is very important that my film is being shown here. Because that image of Northern China, which is shown in my film, is very common with the Krasnoyarsk vast. I really want the movies to be liked by the audience "- said Han Jie.