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27 June 2013 y.

LaFrae Sci shared her impressions about her master classes

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In Krasnoyarsk since December 20 till December 26, 2012 there were master classes of LaFrae Sci, professional musician, composer, teacher, Cultural Ambassador of the State Department of the USA.
LaFrae shared her impressions about her teaching in Krasnoyarsk.
“I imagined traveling and performing in so many cities. I must honestly say I never imagined Krasnoyarsk once, and for sure never twice, but now this is my experience. First I was a participant in the international festival, and then second I was invited to teach some master classes.
I appreciate ALL of the students I had the opportunity to work with. I felt a respect for my culture and the information I was sharing. I also felt such artistic passion and focus from all of the people who participated in the workshop.
Additionally I had the opportunity learn so much about Russian Culture.
Now I have returned to my country, and my students have so many questions. They asked me, "was it cold?" I told them, "of course... It is winter".
"Was the food good?" - "Very good! Especially salads and meat for the New Year".
"Did you have fun?" - "I will never forget my experience".
"How were the students?" - "Open, creative & talented".
Then I told them that I spoke to the students about the same subjects I am teaching them: "How to harmonize, how to understand rhythm & how to improvise".
They were so very impressed with my stories and I am forever changed by my experiences.
Thank you Krasnoyarsk!”
Recently LaFrae was invited to the TV program about musicians. The MC was very interested in her work experience in Russia.
LaFrae shared that during that TV program they talked a lot about Siberia, Krasnoyarsk, about talented and kind people here. There is a video which she gave them for the TV program:
The Master classes were held by the Minister of culture of Krasnoyarsk region, International and Regional Cultural Affairs Centre, Krasnoyarsk State Music and Theatre Academy, Krasnoyarsk college of art named after P. Ivanov-Radkevich.