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12 October 2014 y.

Dancers from Russia and Japan presented a joint jazz project within the IV APFestival

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Today world famous dance group "Masashi Action Machine" (Japan) and the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic troupe " Jazz Ballet Valery” presented viewers a joint program "“Dance Jazz Non-standard” on the stage of the Big Hall of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic.
Krasnoyarsk dancers performed first. "Jazz Ballet Valery" showed the synthesis of the best traditions of world jazz and Russian dance culture. In the second part of the concert the guests from “Land of the Rising Sun” performed – the highest class dancers-gymnasts. They presented their own unique style - stern jazz-dance of ninja and samurais, choreography with particular Japanese coloring and a lot of acrobatic stunts. Performances "White Fox" and "Japanese businessman 2014" were met with a standing ovation.
After the concert the audience welcomed standing the dancers of both groups. There was a storm of applause for a few minutes.
"They are flying dancers! Astounding double somersault on the usual concert stage! Any gymnastics champion will envy at such a masterful execution of complex tricks. I am struck by the fact that our Japanese dance colleagues are long-livers. Some dancers are over 40," - said the head of the troupe "Jazz Ballet Valery", Master of Sport of international grade in acrobatics Valery Tereshkin.
"We met with people from a very cold part of Russia, from Krasnoyarsk, but they turned out to be people with very warm hearts,” - said the artistic director and a soloist of the troupe, a former member of the Japanese national team in gymnastics Masashi Mishiro, – There is much in common that unite us with the troupe of Valery Tereshkin and the most important thing is the jazz rhythm, which we perceive in a very similar way. "
Long-standing creative friendship links dancers from Japan and Russia. It began at the Jazz Dance World Congress in the USA, and then continued in Krasnoyarsk, where in 2007 both groups realized the first joint project "Meeting Jazz". Later a similar project was presented in Japan.
IV Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region will continue till July, 4.