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12 October 2014 y.

Korean Traditional Percussion Group “Soul Tah” performed in Krasnoyarsk

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In the Big Concert Hall of the Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre there took place a concert of Korean Percussion Group «Soul Tah». This group represented its country at festivals in Japan, China, Taiwan, Moldova, Poland, Belgium and Hungary. In Krasnoyarsk the «Soul Tah» has presented its drum show for the first time.
The name of the group consists of two parts: «soul» and «tah» which means heartbeat or drumming of the soul. The members of this group play traditional Korean drums and gongs. Each instrument has a distinctive sound and symbolism. Beech gives a low, deep sound and symbolizes storm clouds, janggu beats remind raindrops, kkvengari mimics lightning. The audience enjoyed the emotional and dynamic show of the «Soul Tah». Musicians supplemented playing the drums with dances, demonstration of spectacular costumes and headgear. The performance was accompanied by visual images, explaining the contents of each number and introducing the group members to the public.
The audience gave the Korean drummers a very warm welcome. The sound of traditional percussion instruments left no one indifferent. The listeners gave a standing ovation.
The information for those who could not attend the first concert of the «Soul Tah»: the second performance of this group within the IV Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region will take place on July, 2 at the Krasnoyarsk Musical Theatre.