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12 October 2014 y.

Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests took part in dance art mob

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Dance ensembles of the Krasnoyarsk region prepared a big surprise for festival goers of the Asia-Pacific region - a dance art mob. In the square in front of the Big Concert Hall they performed the Russian national dance "Kalinka-Malinka (Little cranberry, cranberry, cranberry of mine!)".
To music mixes of DJs from Korea and Mexico about 300 people from 18 dance groups of the Krasnoyarsk region performed. Everybody could join the mass dance.
Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests, walking in the square near the Big Concert Hall that moment, were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected performance and they cheered the participants of the action. Some of them even danced together with professional artists. The outing in the square was not over with that. The program continued with an open-air disco to the music mixes of DJs from Mexico and Korea.

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Art Mob is a kind of street flash mob with focus on choreography, theater and music accompanying of a performance. In our city art mob took place within the framework of the IV International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region, which will go on until July 4.