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12 October 2014 y.

Participants of the Asia-Pacific festival gave open-air performances on the City Day of Krasnoyarsk

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On the City Day participants of the IV International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region performed at different seven venues. In the afternoon open-air concerts with the participation of guests took place at Revolution Square, at Theater Square, venues at F. Dzerzhinsky’s monument, the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University, the shopping center "Krasnoyarie" and the building of the Administration of the Sverdlovsky district.
At the venue at F. Dzerzhinsky’s monument artists of the Dance Company from Cambodia demonstrated their art. The «Cambodian Art Troupe» acquainted viewers with the versatile culture of their country. Citizens could see traditional Khmer dances presented as a combination of different shapes and where hand gestures play an important role: each hand movement makes a definite sense and is performed in unison with other gestures in a strict order. It lets artists tell the audience whole stories. This Cambodian Dance Company «Cambodian Art troupe» performs all around the world, but in Krasnoyarsk it is for the first time.
Music and dance group of North American Indians “SU-NU-NU-SHINAL POMO DANCERS” performed at the venue in front the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafyev. The guests of the APFestival from the U.S. showed ritual dances of the Kashia tribe accompanied by ethnic Indian instruments. The group consists of several generations of tribesmen aged from 7 to 62.
Not only groups of national-cultural autonomies took part in the concert at Revolution Square. Foreign artists changed them on the open stage. Viewers could see performances of music groups from the Republic of Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Thailand. The members of the musical group «Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy» (Bangladesh) played the national music on traditional instruments: ektara, bamboo flute, wooden drums, dotara and others.
Thai Music and dance ensemble “Ponglang Sang Ngern” in its performance also represented the original culture of Siam. The band aims to disseminate folk art and culture of northeastern Thailand. Every number is based on an ancient story or a legend. At the end of the concert the guests performed a specially prepared number. They played a well-known Russian song “Oh, my crate is so full” ("Korobeiniki") on Thai folk instruments.
Another guest of the festival, performing on the City Day in the center of Krasnoyars, is Honored Artist of Russia Ramil Gayzullin from Bashkortostan. He played national melodies of his nation on Bashkir instruments – choore, kubyz, hayrane. Ramil said that all the instruments are ancient with a centuries-old history and every song has its own legend. As a soloist Ramil Gayzullin collaborates with renowned orchestras of folk instruments in Russia and CIS. He is also the art director and director of the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
On the right side of Krasnoyarsk open-air venues also worked, where the regional groups performed together with the participants of the APFestival. For example, at the square in front of the building of the Sverdlovsky district Administration artists from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Canada demonstrated their art.
Music group from Canada «Grenadine» presented auteur songs written in the style of musical culture of Quebec. Catchy songs with simple melodies can be melancholic or cheerful but they are always very romantic. "This trip is unusual for us, because we have never been so far from the home. We have discovered a new region, new people and we are very excited about this, "- said the soloist of the group Julie Brunet.
The viewers enjoyed exciting dances of guests from Peru - the group «Son del Peru». Each of the three entrances on the stage presented different faces of the culture of this South American country.
A real "highlight" of the concert became the performance of the Theatre of Historical Costume “El Merosi” from Uzbekistan. Its name is translated as "national heritage." The theater was founded in 2005 and the collection of costumes has captured the historical past of Samarkand and numbers over a hundred items. The Director of the Theatre Yusuf Abdullayev told about the history and peculiarities of his group and congratulated citizens on the City Day. "Krasnoyarsk is a city of steadfast, courageous, charming and generous people. Not everyone had the privilege to open up great expanses of Siberia. The Asia-Pacific Festival is a visiting card of Krasnoyarsk. Not any city is able to get together representatives of 30 countries all at once,"- he said.