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12 October 2014 y.

Special guest of the APF Gloria Gaynor gave a solo open air concert

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The world disco legend performed in Mira Square in Krasnoyarsk within the framework of the IV International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region and the City Day celebrations. Gloria Gaynor sang for more than an hour and a half on the street stage. Nearly five thousand people listened to the voice of "Disco Queen".
The guest of the festival performed 15 compositions. Along with popular songs «Never Can Say Good-Bye» (1975) and «I Am What I Am» (1984) there sounded new ones. The singer confessed that while remaining faithful to the disco music, she also performs religious music as well.
Everyone who came to Mira Square that evening was lucky to listen to the most famous song of G. Gaynor «I Will Survive». At one time for its performance she won Grammy Award for Best Disco Recording. That time she didn’t know that the song would turn into a slogan and be actual after three decades of international broadcasting. At a briefing before the concert, asking the question “what is the secret of the popularity of “I Will Survive?” G. Gaynor said: "I think this song touches the heart of every person, because we all have some problems, which we hope to survive".
With this famous hymn of the disco era the special guest of the APFestival finished her performance.
The Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov thanked Gloria Gaynor for the wonderful concert and presented her with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all citizens. The festive night ended with fireworks.
Note: Two years ago at the same venue as a special guest of the APFestival, a world renowned violinist Vanessa Mae gladden the Krasnoyarsk public.
For reference: Gloria Gaynor, a world famous singer, was the first person who began to write songs «non-stop», as a result she had created completely new standard - dance suites, that take one side of the disc.
At different times Gloria was recognized as a favorite singer Bill Clinton, Princess Grace, the Patriarch of Rome.
The Festival of the Asia-Pacific region will continue in Krasnoyarsk till July, 4.