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12 October 2014 y.

Unique project "Return of Doha" Mystery on the Yenisei River was presented to Krasnoyarsk citizens

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Within the framework of the IV International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region in Krasnoyarsk there was presented a unique creative project. The Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests witnessed the musical mystery "Return of Doha". An extraordinary performance took place at the sunset right on the Yenisei river area near the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. On the platform of a slowly going upriver pontoon a choir and an orchestra performed a specially written work by a Moscow composer Alexander Manotskov. A bewitching action on the natural set of the evening sky and the Yenisei made viewers separate from the daily routine and touch the eternity.
The project of Alexander Manotskov is based on an ancient legend of one of the indigenous ethnic groups of Siberia.  Doh, the first Ket shaman, died while chasing a wicked witch Hosedem on the way to the Northern Kingdom of Death. According to Ket beliefs the Yenisei was formed in consequence of that chase. He is believed to come to life and go back to the origins of the river at the end of time. The Mystery "Return of Doha" is a musical forefeeling of this return and the resurrection of all those who once died on the sides of the Yenisei.
This place for musical mystery is not fortuitous. "The river Yenisei itself is powerful and majestic music, - explained the project author Alexander Manotskov. - When I was writing "Return of Doha," I tried to exist in the space and time of the river. Both the musician and the listener have this ability: we can exist not only in everyday life and fuss, but also can grow into a giant measure. We can sense that not only we are in the world but also the world is inside of us. "
The project involved session musicians of the "Krasnoyarsk Historical Center’s" Orchestra led by Peter Kazimir, a choral ensemble of soloists "Tebe Poem", an actor Andrius Daryala and experts of the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.
"It is difficult to convey the feelings. Emotions are overfilling! - shared her impressions one of the viewers, - there is something mystical in this music. The atmosphere itself creates some special colouring: an evening embankment, quiet music sounds over the water of the mighty river ... It is impossible to describe it in words. This magic must be heard and felt. "
For reference: Alexander Manotskov –is a composer, an author of chamber, symphonic, instrumental and vocal works, operas, musical performances, an author of the music for 18 dramatic performances, films "Smallfry", "Playing the Victim" and several series of the NTV-Profit Company. He received an award at the All-Polish Competition in Classical European Literature Performances for creating a musical score for the play "Boris Godunov" (Teatralna Inscenizacje Dawnych Dziel Literatury Europejskiej, Poland, 2009). He is a prize laureate of Mikael Tariverdiev Competition for the best music for the film ("Kinotavr" 2011, 2012)
Note: The Festival of the Asia-Pacific region will last in Krasnoyarsk till July, 4