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International Youth Orchestra

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"The International Youth Orchestra" is an association of young talents in one united crew, establishment of an atmosphere of creative collaboration and communication, platform for improvement of  performance skills of young musicians.
The participants of "The International Youth Orchestra" are young musicians and students at higher music education institutions of the Asia-Pacific region and the Russian Federation, as well as the students of the Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre.
Throughout several rehearsals, the Orchestra, that is created specially for the festival, prepares a concert program that contains works composed by Russian and foreign classics, including composers of the Asia-Pacific region.
The climax of the project is the final concert of the new youth team, born during the festival.
During the project, a short-term training program is implemented for both foreign and Russian young artists.
The artistic director and conductor of the orchestra is Tao Lin (China), a laureate of international competitions named after S.S. Prokofiev, Grzegorz Fitelberg and N.A. Malko.