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Street Art

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One of the most popular street art stream is 3D painting.
The project encourages and supports street artists, promotes and popularizes street art. Everyone who is interested in this art stream is invited to take part in the project and different workshops organized by the best artists of Krasnoyarsk and the Asia-Pacific countries.
3D paintings are made with crayons, pastels and paints in a special technique of image distortion, thus from a certain point of view a flat image on a horizontal surface seems tridimensional. Regardless of size, ideas and techniques of drawing the maximum 3D effect may be observed by the camera lens, video camera, or an ordinary lens. With the naked eye 3D effect is not that visible.
The artistic director of the project is Tracy Lee Stam - an American artist best known for her spectacular/large interactive 3D street paintings or chalk drawings. An internationally respected talent, Stum is recognized as the leading female street painter in the world today. Her imaginative 3D Street Paintings and murals have been commissioned by corporations, advertising agencies, arts organizations, educational institutes and government agencies throughout the North America, Asia, and Europe. She at one point held the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Painting by an Individual.