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02 November 2015 y.

My APFest

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The showroom of the Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region (APFest) will be opened at the VI modern avant-garde and applied art exhibition “Art-Krasnoyarsk” at the Grand Hall “Siberia” on the 5th of November at 1 pm.
The key element of the showroom is an interactive painting "My APFest". Anyone who wishes can take part in its creating. On a big canvas by using acrylic paints and his/her imagination anyone will be able to make the APFest logo colorful and bright.
To inspire the beginning artists the organizers will present a unique photo exhibition devoted to the Third (2012) and the Fourth (2014) APF. The exhibition will include 40 photos depicting the multi-genre cultural event. The shots express the emotions of the performers and audience.
The most venturous showroom visitors can participate in APF Quiz and get the festival souvenirs by answering correctly the questions. 
The APFest showroom will work at the exhibition “ART-Krasnoyarsk” till the 8th of November. The festival will be held on 23rd – 29th of June, 2016.

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