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Tourist destinations

Krasnoyarsk is a beautiful city, established by Russian Cossacks (military servants) in 1628. It's name consists of two words — Krasnyi (red, because of clay reddish soil) and Yar (steep bank). Views of Yenisey River and the nearby Sayan Mountains covered by taiga forest are quite picturesque.

Karaulnaya Gora (Russian for 'The Watch Hill') — a large hill with the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel on its top is a symbol of the city depicted on the 10-ruble banknote. 

Vasily Surikov Museums are the museums of the one of the greatest Russian painters who was born and lived in Krasnoyarsk until he moved to Moscow to become a member of the National Academy of Arts. The first is a two-story wooden house built in 1830 by the painter's father. Vasiliy Surikov was born and lived for many years in that house, the second is a later-built one-story house holding many of his works.

Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum is a recently restored monumental building in an ancient Egyptian style. It holds a lot of good exhibitions on the history of the Krasnoyarsk region as well as many archeological artifacts.

Andrey Dubensky Monument is a monument to the Cossack leader Andrey Dubensky who has founded the stockaded fort of Krasnyy Yar in 1628 by the order of Michael I. The monument was erected in 2003 to honour the 375th anniversary of the city.

Flower monuments are located all over the city. Large figures (2–5m) made of flowers can be seen only in summer. The first figure is a Bear, it stands near the mayoralty building known for its modernist Big Ben-like clock, a family of Giraffes on the Lenina str. behind the Regional Government building knows as the Grey House, a Rooster near the Theater of Musical Comedy, a family of Elephants on the Kopylova str.

The Culture and History Center (former Lenin Museum) constantly presents various local and international exhibitions and events, all open to the public and sometimes free: fine art and photography by modern artists, art-house and independent movie festivals, museum nights with performances by young local artists, wax figure exhibitions, moving exhibitions from other cities, etc. The very building of the center itself is an incredibly interesting place to visit due to its original and atmospheric inside architecture.

Krasnoyarsk has a lot of huge trade-and-entertainment centers where you can find cinema theaters, restaurants, cafeterias and numerous large and small shops. 

The City Day is celebrated every year in June, it is a spectacular show with a street carnival of different topics each year and fireworks. 

Stolby Nature Reserve is famous among alpinists all over the world. Stolby covers an area of 470km² (181 square miles) with numerous giant granite rocks formations up to 100 m high, many of very extraordinary shapes: Ded (Russian for Grandfather), Babka (Russian for Grandmother), Slon (Russian for Elephant), Peria (Russian for Feathers).

Roev Ruchey Zoo (Russian for Royev's Brook) is located westward of the entrance to the Stolby Nature Reserve (one bus stop further). It is a very good zoo, where animals live in good conditions, the city children and adults love to visit it throughout the whole year. Its animal collection is one of the richest in Russia. The most famous inhabitant is a polar bear called Sedov.

More information about tourist destinations of the city of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region is at visitsiberia.info.