Media Accreditation

The Media Accreditation is held from May 1st to June 15th, 2016.

 The Accreditation procedure:

1. Media Accreditation is organized by the Festival Press Center and is free of charge. A journalist should fill out an application and send it at ap-fest@mail.ru

2. The application is also available at the Festival website in "Join us" section

3. Applying does not guarantee getting accreditation. Festival Press Center reserves the right to refuse providing accreditation.

4. The list of accredited media will be posted on the Festival website by June 20, 2016

5. Accreditation Certificate will be given to the journalists at a press conference on June 24, 2016 (time and place will be announced later). The certificates will be given to accredited journalists on production of an identity document and/or the editorial license.

6. It is forbidden to use someone else Accreditation  Certificate and to transfer it to another person. Transferred accreditation is subject to withdrawal.

Working conditions for the accredited journalists:

- Festival Press Center provides information on the concerts and events of the Festival, participating teams, organization of the meetings with participants and guests of the Festival, assists in arranging interviews.

- Accredited media provide information support to the Festival, publish articles in printed publications, TV and radio broadcast, the Internet.

- To form the festival archive, accredited media are obliged to provide Festival Press Center with three copies of published print materials, copies of the radio broadcast and television programs within three days after the publication or airing. Print media that used photos of the Festival events are required to submit copies of the photos to the Press Centre.

- Work of the cameramen and photographers at the concerts, location of film crews must be agreed with the Organizing Committee of the Festival in advance. The appearance of operators and photographers at the stage (or near) is not allowed.

Walking in the hall during performances must be limited.